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What is Python

The Python programming language is an object-oriented language. It’s one of the programming languages that are interpreted rather than compiled. This means the Python Interpreter works or operates on Python programs to give the user the results.

The Python Interpreter works in a line-by-line manner. It is also dynamically-typed because it carries out type-checking at runtime. The distinctive feature of Python is that it is an interpreted language. The Python IDLE (Integrated Development Environment) executes instructions one line at a time.

Python has been used for development of apps that span a wide of fields, from the most basic apps to the most complex ones. Python can be used to develop different types of applications ranging from web applications, desktop applications and even game applications. Websites developed with Python are known for the level of security and protection they provide, making them safe and secure from hackers and other malicious users. Python is well applicable in the field of game development. It has been used for development of basic and complex computer games. Python is currently the best programming language for use in data science and machine learning. It has libraries that are best suitable for use in data analysis, making it suitable for use in this field.

Python is a cross-platform programming language. It can be used on various systems including Windows, UNIX, and Mac. Python is well known for its easy-to-use syntax. It was written with the goal of making coding easy. This has made it easy the best language even for beginners. Its semantics are also easy, making it easy for one to understand Python codes. The language has received a lot of changes and improvements, especially after the introduction of Python 3. Previously, we had Python 2.7 which had gained much stability. Python 3 brought in new libraries, functions and other features, and some of the language constructs where changed significantly. The names of some Python libraries were also changed, especially when it comes to case.


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