Advanced Linux Administration

Advanced Linux Administration

If you have already acquired the Core Linux Administration training, the next step may be towards the highest-paid and in-demand occupation – Linux administrator. Within the Advanced Linux Administration training in Kolkata in Adroit Information Technology Academy (AITA), you will acquire skills necessary for an Administrator of this highly-demanded Operating System.

The Advanced Linux Administration course targets people who would like to take their knowledge of Linux to the next level and is designed for professionals to easily install, configure and troubleshoot Linux Servers like Apache, FTP, DNS, Storage (NFS), Squid, Samba, Proxy Server as well as the configuration of Virtualization, Docker, Python, MySQL, etc.

All Courses Idea

Course Objectives:

FTP Server

  • Install vsftpd and configuration
  • FTP client (Linux)
  • FTP client (Windows)

DNS Server

  • Install BIND and configuration
  • Configure ZONE information
  • Enable chroot environment
  • Set CNAME


  • Install VirtualBox
  • Create virtual machine
  • Install GuestAdditions

Storage Server

  • Configure NFS server
  • Configure NFS client (Linux)
  • Configure NFS client (Windows)

Logical Volume Management (LVM)

  • LVM Concepts
  • Managing  Logical Volume


  • Concept and explanation on LAMP

Directory Server with LDAP

  • Configure LDAP Server
  • Add LDAP User Accounts
  • Configure LDAP Client


  • Install and configuration of “Python”
  • Concept on “Python”
  • Basic syntax and program of “Python”
  • Install and configuration of “Django”
  • Install and configuration of “PHP”
  • Concept on “PHP”
  • Basic syntax and program of “PHP”

Web Server (Apache)

  • Installation and configuration
  • Files hierarchy
  • User WebPages
  • Virtual hosts and aliases
  • Directory protection


  • Install MySQL and configuration
  • Install MariaDB and configuration

Storage Server

  • Network Storage with Network File System (NFS)
  • Configure Storage Server with iSCSI

Concept on Containers with Docker

  • Install Docker
  • Add Container images
  • Access to services inside Containers
  • Use Dockerfile
  • Docker-Registry
  • Docker-Registry (SSL)
  • Docker-Registry (Authentication)
  • Use Persistent Storage
  • Use Docker Compose
  • Docker Swarm Cluster

Proxy Server (Squid)

  • Introduction to proxy server
  • Configuring proxy server and clients
  • Creating squid ACL’s rules to control internet access
  • Explanation about cache records

Samba Server

  • Configuring File Server
  • Fully accessed Share Folder
  • Restricted Share Folder
  • Samba Winbind

 Mail Server

  • Install Postfix
  • Install Dovecot
  • Add Mail Accounts

Email Client Setting

Having Core Linux Administration knowledge. People who need Linux knowledge for a personal or business project such as hosting a website on a Linux server and people who would like to take their knowledge of Linux to the next level.