What benefit can India get from Jio and Facebook tie up..

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What benefit can India get from Jio and Facebook tie up

As we know India is in the middle of "major digital transformation”, with its INR 43,574 crore investment, Facebook is now Reliance Jio’s largest minority shareholder. Announcing the investment, Facebook Inc. said it would focus on collaborations between its messaging platform WhatsApp and Reliance Industries Limited's e-commerce venture JioMart. Let’s have a look at various products that Jio and Facebook already have, which could be mutually beneficial for each other.

Mobile Gaming

India’s mobile gaming landscape has been on high since Reliance Jio’s entry into the telecom space. Cheap data costs and easier access to the Internet allowed developers to reach more gamer. According to many developers, Jio is hugely instrumental in India’s changing mobile gaming landscape, whereas Facebook is more experience.

Recently social network has been testing a new Facebook Gaming app. This is more like a game streaming platform like Microsoft’s Twitch or Google’s YouTube Gaming. Such a platform could benefit from Jio’s efforts to bring low-latency gaming on its fiber network. 

Virtual Reality (VR)

Reliance Jio is among the few big Indian companies that has shown interest in consumer VR. On the other hand, Facebook owns Oculus, which was amongst the first companies to make consumer VR headsets.

Jio already bundles its mixed reality platform, which includes both virtual and augmented reality (AR) experiences with its broadband service. It could bundle Oculus into this to improve the value proposition.

Video Streaming

Gaming and game streaming aside, both companies also have their own video streaming platforms. While Facebook has been pushing the Watch platform here in India, Jio already has a set user base on the JioMovies platform — since it’s available to Jio subscribers for free. Each platform could enhance the offerings on the other. Facebook recently streamed the Auto Expo event on Watch and it has a lot of user-generated content, which Jio doesn’t have access to. On the other hand, Jio already has relationships in place to get movie content on its platform.


Both Facebook and Jio have shown interest in being involved in the payments space. While Jio has the JioMoney application, Facebook allows people to make payments through Messenger in the US and WhatsApp is now a UPI-based payments application in India.


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